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What are the reviews of the customers after using nail services at Glamour Nails Hair Spa | Nail salon 78251


What are the reviews of the customers after using nail services at Glamour Nails Hair Spa | Nail salon 78251

The emotions, the reviews...of the customers are very important to each of the staff at Glamour Nails Hair Spa. Let's see whether they like or dislike our nail services | Nail salon 78251


"  It was my first time getting my nails done.I was super nervous at first but they were super nice and clear about the prices and the work they will do.Did a wonderful job and I was definitely more relaxed when I left.I see myself coming back every month! "

(5/5 stars - Erika Camacho)

"  I love this place, it’s so welcoming and has a good vibe. I love the way my nails turned out "

(5/5 stars - Sav H)


" This place is amazing! I love how many services they include all in one place, I got my hair cut and styled by Diana, removed my old nail set & got a deluxe manicure with dip nail extensions with Kevin, and the nail art was done by another person (pretty girl with cute circle glasses!). Diana knew exactly what I wanted and brought out so many new layers to my hair. She even styled it with some curls so I could really see how much body and bounciness she bought out of my hair! Kevin did an extremely detailed job making sure my cuticles were prepped and nice looking after I asked for the deluxe manicure in addition to my dip nail extensions. So after prepping my nail beds, he went to work forming the most beautiful almond shape nails I’ve ever had! They feel so smooth and super symmetrical, so I was over the moon with them even without any nail art added. I’ve had quite a number of dip nails done before and tend to get bothered afterwards by any blemishes or bumps usually. This time I literally had perfection on my nails, he spent so much time filing them down and checking the angles, that there’s not a single flaw with the dip nails! After Kevin took care of me, he had someone else help me with the actual gold nail art on top of my nails, since he usually sticks to the one color dip nails I think! The person who helped me with my nail art was very sweet and applied the gold foil to my nails even though it seemed it was her first time. They came out looking really pretty and I’m super happy with my whole experience! "

(5/5 stars - Stephanie Reyes)

" Thomas did my nails and did an amazing job 👏🏾 it's been a lil over a week and they still look amazing like I just got them done not even looking like I need a fill right now! I can probably go 2 more weeks lol "

(5/5 stars - Toinette West)
"  First time coming here and I would definitely recommend! I came with a friend and they took care of us immediately. Took their time & were very friendly! Prices are very reasonable and affordable. Barbie is very friendly and sweet! She did an amazing job with my pedicure and manicure. Great customer service!!! I will be back for sure.👏🏻👏🏻😍😍 Thanks Barbie "

(5/5 stars - Tori Roxie)


Leah took good care of me, took her time although it was busy, was very polite and respectful, makes me want to come back here. The wait was not long, just signed in and was immediately seen. I came in to have a mani and pedi. '

(5/5 stars - Barbara Gonzalez)
" Mika & Kevin were so patient with me as I didn't know what I wanted and haven't had my nails done in over a year. I would def recommend them! They work great together too! "

(5/5 stars - Reyna Martinez)

" I only received the tropical pedicure, which was $40. Shellac is an additional $20. They have 3 tiers of pedicures each costing more than the last, but it is reasonable. You can get all your services done here - from nail to hair and to spa care, they get the job done really well! This was my first time here but I'll be back tomorrow for the bikini wax because I'd love to try it. I would definitely come back especially since they did a good job on my service and they offer 1 free alocholic or non alcoholic drink per customer - I got the Pina colada- delicious! "

(5/5 stars -  
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